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Pool Stains & Acid Washing

Not all stains can be chemically treated. Sometimes Acid Washing is the only solution to ugly and patchy pool interiors. Doing this alone though, can be problematic, so it's a good idea to engage a qualified and experienced technician. More information on pool stains.

What is Acid Washing a Pool?

Acid washing is when a weak hydrochloric acid mix is poured and broomed over the full interior substrate of your pool. It requires the pool to be fully drained, water pressure cleaned and then acid washed.

How does Acid Washing work?

The idea behind acid washing is to etch just enough of the pool interior to remove the stains, but not too much that it damages the cement render / pebblecrete. Too much etching can result in further patches, lose stones and a very rough surface.

The risks of Acid Washing

Whilst draining a pool is always a risk and you need to consider current weather patterns, underground water levels, the age of the pool and surrounding infrastructure, the actual acid wash mix and process is where most go wrong. Too much etching can result in further patches, lose stones and a very rough surface. Tip : Be careful not to spill acid on the surrounding coping, tiles and furniture

Why Acid Washing is great?

As it's often difficult to fully treat specific stains with a pool full of water, draining a pool enables us to fully treat the stains in a dry and targeted environment. Acid washing will not only remove staining but will remove any calcium residue and build up too.

The acid wash mix needs to be just right, weak enough as to not etch too far into the pool interior, but strong enough to etch just enough to remove the stain.

Tip : hosing and washing away the acid mix is very important. Never let the acid dry on the pool interior under any circumstances.

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