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Pool Stains

The first thing to do is to identify the pool stain

Pool stains can occur from a number of things. Sometimes slowly over time, and other times, it can take just a few days to leave a stain on your pool interior.

Some reasons that your pool may be stained include

- Green Algae

- Blackspot

- Calcium

- Salt

- Rust

- Leaves and vegetation

Identifying the cause of the stain is fairly challenging as many can appear quite similar in appearance, however the treatment for the stains can vary significantly.

Sometimes, using the incorrect treatment can actually make your stain worse and harder to remove.

If you have tried everything with no success you may need to Acid Wash your Pool.

Green Algae

Even when you have removed the green algae it can sometimes appear that it's still there. This is because the green algae can leave a stain on your pool surface. It's hard to distinguish from the algae itself as it's similar in appearance.

Mustard Algae in a swimming pool
Mustard Algae

The way to tell if it is green algae, or a green algae stain is that a stain won't react to shock treatments, algaecide or brushing.

Salt Stains

With so many salt products on the market, it's no surprise that some may be of poorer quality. How do you know if your salt is of poor quality?

Poor Quality Salt may be

x High in moisture

x Have larger crystals than usual

x The crystals may seem slightly brown

Whilst it's the iron in the salt that creates the conductivity, poor quality salts often have too high iron content. This is why the poorer quality salts are usually more prone to salt stains, as it's the iron that causes the stains.

Handy Hint : Due to the iron content, If you add too much salt at one time, you can expect your pool water to discolour a little before clearing.

Top Tip : Always stir and dissolve your pool salt, and never just let it sit on the pool floor

Algae can stain your pool surface
Pool Stains

Rust Stains

Whilst these often occur when metal objects fall into the pool and are left immersed in the salt water (causing them to rust and leave rust stains) you can also get rust stains from metal fragments landing in the pool from surrounding building works.

We also see a fair amount of rust stains that are coming from the pool walls, which can be a result of the reinforcing mesh used in the pool's shell to be rusting. If left untreated, this rust problem will get worse over time.

Rust can stain your swimming pool substrate
Rust stains in a swimming pool

If you're having issues with your pool stain, and not sure how to remove it, contact us today to discuss your options.

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