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Is your Pool pump noisy or constantly losing prime?  Has your pool equipment developed a leak or simply not producing the chlorine that it should?

Is your pool pump noisy or constantly losing prime?   Has your equipment developed a leak or simply not producing the chlorine output that it used to? 

Before you replace your pool equipment Poolzone can assess and do onsite and workshop repairs on your pool pumps, salt chlorinators and most of your pool equipment. 
Our service is prompt, cost effective and can have your pool running at it's peak in no time at all.

Maintaining a pool is a delicate balance between equipment functionality and water clarity. Yet, problems can arise, prompting queries about pool pump noises, loss of prime, chlorinator inefficiency, pump runtime, sand filter care, cartridge filter maintenance, sand filter breakdowns, channeling, and the role of a chlorinator cell. When the pool pump emits an unusual racket, akin to grinding or whirring, it often signifies impending issues. This noise might herald failing bearings, cavitation due to low water levels, debris clogging the impeller, or an air leak in the suction line. Such disruptions not only cause annoyance but also indicate potential damage to the pump, necessitating immediate attention to prevent further complications.

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Is your pool pump noisier than usual?  Or leaking? Have you noticed a grinding or buzzing noise? On site pool pump repairs From $88



Is your Chlorine output Low? Does your chlorinator cell look worn or damaged?  Are your chlorine levels unusually low?  We can service or replace almost all popular brands.



Having Trouble with a leaking multiport valve or damaged O-rings? Perhaps your water is not as clear as it used to be?  Onsite Repairs

From $88

A pool pump losing prime, indicated by the pump running but no water movement, could stem from several causes. Air leaks in the suction line or a damaged o-ring in the pump lid might permit air entry, interrupting the pump's ability to sustain prime. Additionally, a clogged impeller or a malfunctioning valve can disrupt the pump's function, causing prime loss. Regular inspection and prompt resolution of such issues can prevent the pump from running dry, which could potentially damage the motor or impeller.  Quick guide to problem pool pumps

Inadequate chlorine production by a chlorinator often perplexes pool owners. This deficiency might trace back to low salt levels in a saltwater pool or a malfunctioning cell in the chlorinator. Insufficient salt concentration impedes the electrolysis process within the chlorinator cell, hindering the production of chlorine. Moreover, the cell might require cleaning or replacement due to calcium build-up or aging, diminishing its efficiency. Regular monitoring of salt levels and timely cell maintenance or replacement can ensure optimal chlorine generation, crucial for maintaining water sanitation.

Determining the appropriate duration for running a pool pump involves various factors such as pool size, climate, bather load, and equipment efficiency. Generally, running the pump for 6 to 8 hours daily provides adequate circulation and filtration. However, adjustments might be necessary based on specific conditions, necessitating consultation with a pool professional to tailor the pump runtime for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Sand filters, common in many pools, require periodic maintenance, including sand replacement. Over time, the sand bed becomes less effective in trapping debris, necessitating replacement every 5 to 7 years to ensure efficient filtration. Furthermore, cleaning the cartridge filter is crucial for maintaining water clarity. Typically, rinsing the cartridge with a hose every 4 to 6 weeks or as needed prevents debris accumulation, preserving the filter's efficacy in trapping particles and preventing cloudy water.

Issues such as sand filter breakage or channeling can disrupt filtration efficiency. A broken sand filter could lead to water bypassing the filter medium, allowing unfiltered water to re-enter the pool. Channeling occurs when water creates channels within the sand bed due to irregular backwashing or improper sand distribution, reducing filtration effectiveness. Timely detection and repair of such issues prevent compromised water quality and ensure efficient filtration.

The chlorinator cell plays a pivotal role in saltwater pools by utilizing electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine, which sanitizes the water. It consists of titanium plates coated with a precious metal catalyst. When an electrical current passes through the cell, it triggers the electrolysis process, separating water molecules into chlorine gas and other byproducts. This chlorine then sanitizes the pool water before reverting to salt, completing the cycle.

In essence, a well-maintained pool requires vigilant oversight of its equipment. Addressing noisy pumps, prime loss, chlorinator inefficiency, determining pump runtime, adhering to sand filter and cartridge filter maintenance schedules, and understanding the chlorinator cell's role are all critical aspects of sustaining a crystal-clear pool while ensuring the longevity of pool equipment.

Pool Services

  • Regular Pool Cleaning

  • Green Pool service

  • Pool Equipment Repairs

  • Pool Equipment supply and installations

  • Pool Plumbing and Relocations

  • New and Old Pool Plumbing

  • Stain Removal

  • Leaking Pools

  • Solar Heating

Poolzone is a locally owned and operated pool care & pool maintenance service business, run by father and son, and offering a range of pool services including, pool cleaning, pool care, pool equipment sales, pool equipment repairs, green pool treatments, solar pool heating, swimming pool lights, automatic pool cleaners, pre-purchase inspections, Pool leaks and all overall pool services on the Gold Coast.  We are the ultimate in quality pool care at an affordable price.   As a QBCC license holder, we are also able to help you with all your pool plumbing needs, for both new pools, leaking pools, and / or if you are just relocating your pool filtration equipment.    We specialise in swimming pool plumbing. We service all areas of the Gold Coast including, Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Waters, Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters, Robina, Bundall, Sorrento, Broadbeach Waters, Broadbeach, Upper Coomera, Helensvale, Hope Island, Reedy Creek, Mudgeeraba and more.

We work with Property Managers, Real Estates, Body Corporates, the private sector and the commercial sector.  With over 20 years in the business, our reviews and customer's comments on our swimming pool care and swimming pool services speaks for itself.  We look forward to hearing from you!



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