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Pool Service Gold Coast


Is your Pool pump noisy or constantly losing prime?  Has your pool equipment developed a leak or simply not producing the chlorine that it should?

Is your pool pump noisy or constantly losing prime?   Has your equipment developed a leak or simply not producing the chlorine output that it used to? 

Before you replace your pool equipment Poolzone can assess and do onsite and workshop repairs on your pool pumps, salt chlorinators and most of your pool equipment. 
Our service is prompt, cost effective and we can have your pool running at it's peak in no time at all.

Cheap Pool Pumps

Is your pool pump noisier than usual, or leaking?  On site pool pump repairs from $88

Salt water chlorinator

Is your Chlorine output Low? Or does your cell look damaged or worn? We service all popular brands

Sand Filter

Trouble with a leaking multiport valve, damaged O-rings or Dirty Water? Onsite filter repairs from $88

Pool Services

  • Regular Pool Cleaning

  • Green Pool service

  • Pool Equipment Repairs

  • Pool Equipment supply and installations

  • Pool Plumbing and Relocations

  • New and Old Pool Plumbing

  • Stain Removal

  • Leaking Pools

  • Solar Heating

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Budget Pool Equipment

Common Pool Pump Problems and Solutions:


O-Ring Leaks: O-rings form watertight seals in pump assemblies. Deterioration or displacement leads to leaks, causing water loss, reduced efficiency, and motor damage.


  • Immediate replacement of damaged o-rings to maintain a seal.

  • Regular lubrication to prevent wear and tear.


Split Skimmer Baskets: Cracked skimmer baskets allow debris into the pump, potentially clogging the impeller and reducing efficiency.


  • Immediate replacement of split skimmer baskets.

  • Routine inspection and cleaning to prevent clogs.


Pool Pump Bearing Issues: Worn-out bearings create distinct sounds, indicating potential problems and increased vibration.


  • Prompt replacement of worn-out bearings by professionals.

  • Regular lubrication as recommended by the manufacturer.


Loss of Prime: When a pump loses prime, water flow decreases or stops entirely, leading to inefficiency or shutdown.


  • Inspection for air leaks in connections and seals.

  • Following manufacturer instructions to reprime the pump.


Key Indicators to Watch Out For:

  • Unusual noises or sounds from the pump.

  • Reduced water flow or circulation.

  • Leaks or drips around the pump housing.

  • Inconsistent pressure fluctuations.


Understanding common pool pump issues is vital for maintaining an efficient system. Regular inspections, timely repairs, and adherence to maintenance guidelines can prevent most problems. Addressing issues early ensures longevity and efficiency, keeping your pool water sparkling clean and enjoyable for all.



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