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I have a Confession

" i have a confession.... not one, but two!"

We got a call from a coy client about a blockage in the pump line while he tried to prime his pool pump last week. On arrival, we were sheepishly advised that he In fact knew what the blockage was.... and that it was a lemon... Yes, trying to prime his pump, he had not only used a Lemon to block the flow, but had missed a small task in the process and the lemon had been sucked thru the skimmer opening.... after 5 attempts to dislodge the blockage and on starting to explain the high probability of having to arrange concrete cutting to now access the plumbing pipes as our attempts were failing, we were informed of another "little confession..." In his misguided wisdom and in trying to dislodge the lemon and still prime the pump he had managed to suck through a tennis ball this time....mmmm..... needless to say, we actually got it unblocked without concrete cutters but had a good laugh at the sheepish and coy confessions ..... Two wrongs don't make a right


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