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How long must I run my Pool Pump?

Filtration creates clear water

There is a multitude of impacting factors when establishing how long to run your pool filtration equipment. There are two parts to this answer : Chlorination and Filtration

The first part to this answer is Chlorination : On the assumption that you are using a salt water chlorinator to convert salt to chlorine gas, the length of time your chlorinator is working will determine the amount of chlorine gas produced.

The output of chlorine gas will depend on both the size of the chlorinator in amps and the length of time it is working each day.

In simple terms, provided that your salt levels are in the correct range for your specific chlorinator, (refer how much salt does my pool need) a 20amp chlorinator will produce 20 grams of chlorine per hour that the chlorinator runs and likewise, a 30amp chlorinator will produce 30 grams of chlorine per hour that the chlorinator runs.

To help with the calculation, a standard pool size of 50,000 litres. (a standard 8 x 4 meter pool) will require 250 grams of chlorine per day. (This is not even considering any other chlorine consumption factors like additional use, sunlight or debris.)

This would mean that from a NIL chlorine level, if relying on a chlorinator only, it would take as much as 12.5 hours to bring your chlorine levels up to the recommended daily dose. Fortunately however, as one should and would usually have chlorine residual from the day prior, we suggest 8 hours per day.

In addition to the above, another consideration is the season / the time of year and surround leafage and debris.

Sun is a huge absorber of chlorine, (hence the need for stabilizer to reduce chlorine evaporation during the hotter months) so running times will often be increased during hotter periods and reduced during the cooler periods.

Surrounding leafage increases the consumption of chlorine, which in turn, creates a higher demand for chlorine production.

The second part to this answer is : Filtration

Filtration relies on the circulation of water. Ideally it is required that your entire pool water content is circulated and filtered at least twice per day.

Why do I have to circulate my pool water so much?

Circulating your pool water evenly distributes your chemicals throughout your pool to effectively sanitize your pool water. This enables the filtration of the impurities and particles in your pool water, creating a clear and healthy swimming environment, with reduced risks of skin, eye and ear irritations.

In summary Running times are affected by size of filtration equipment, size of swimming pool, usage, surrounding leafage, sunlight, rain etc

Handy Hint : The use of an automatic cleaner increases the efficiency of your water circulation as it often reaches “dead zones” (areas of your pool that don’t get good circulation, ie: corners and steps) and picks up debris and impurities reducing chlorine consumption

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