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How to Prime a Pool Pump

Depending on how dry your pump is, or if there's any water in the plumbing lines at all, it may take a couple of tries to get it primed and going again.

Quick Tip : The pool pump needs water to create the suction and push action, so if the pool pump basket itself is dry, (there is no water in the pump) the pump will be driving air, and hence no suction movement can be created.

When your pool pump turns off each day, the system is designed to lock the water in the pipe so that when the pump starts up the next morning, it has water to turn over immediately. If this water is able to drain back, or away from the pump, when the pump turns on in the morning, it is only turning "air" This causes the pool pump to cavitate (otherwise known as losing prime)

What happens if I run my pool pump dry?

Without moving water through the pump, the pump's motor will begin building friction, which creates heat. This may cause the pump seals to overheat and melt, and even worse, the pump itself to overhead. Once this heat builds up, the pump will seize and stop working (pump burnout !)

If your pool pump runs dry, it needs to be primed again, to get the water flowing back through it.

Steps to Prime a Pool Pump

1. Ensure the pump is turned off

2. Turn the multiport valve to recirculate

This will move the water from the filter head, straight back to the pool

3. Fill the pump with water.

Remove the pumps lid (usually a turnkey lid with a clear window). If it's dry and has no water in it, you will need to add water before turning the pump back on. Allow the water to run into the pump housing for at least a minute or so, to allow as much water as possible to seep into the pumps that extend from the skimmer.

Hint : We are trying to create that draw and push phase that the pump needs water can create.

4. Close the pump lid and Turn the pump back on

It will mostly likely splutter for a little, but eventually, you should see water filling the pumps housing.

If After 30 seconds or so, it is not improving, repeat step 1 & 2.

Sometimes it can take a few goes, depending on how much of the plumbing has run dry.

Once the pump housing is full of water, and you can see it is full through the clear window, you're ready to go.

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