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Why is my pool water level dropping?

A residential pool, without a pool cover, can lose about an inch of water per week over our hot summer months solely due to water evaporation.

Whilst there are other causes for normal water loss, it's important to ensure that the water level is maintained at approximately half to three quarters of the way up the skimmer opening.

Other causes for losing water include frequent filter back-washing to waste, where the water in the pool is redirected away from the pool, usually to the sewer. This is usually done to clear the filter and to rid impurities from circulating back into the pool.

Of course, kids frolicking in the pool is also a common cause for higher water loss.

If your water level drops below the skimmer opening, you may run the risk of running your pool pump dry, which will cause damage to your pool pump.

If your water is too high, you can backwash it to waste to bring it back to the correct level.

Whilst there is no particular concern if your pool water level is too high, it will render the skimming process ineffective, which may result in more debris both on the top of the water and on the pool floor. (as the floating debris sinks before it is sucked into the skimmer from the surface)

If you need any help or assistance with your water level, or if you suspect that your pool may have a leak, get in touch with us today, Poolzone 0432 105 352


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