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The Bucket Test... Is your swimming pool leaking?


Swimming pool leaks can occur anywhere, both inside and outside of your pool shell.

Before you spend hours of effort or hundreds of dollars searching for the leak in your pool make sure to check the entire filter system for moisture. It’s not uncommon for leaks to spring around the connections and valves of your pool filter equipment and pool plumbing.

In fact, leaks around the multiport valve or via a leaking backwash line is one of the most common reasons for a pool to be losing water. If you are unsure what to look for, give us a call.

If you’re sure that you can’t see an obvious leak, then it may be time to do some d.I.Y testing before paying for a leak detector.

* Remember, that it’s quite common in our hot summer months to lose as much as an inch every 7 days just via evaporation

The first and most important thing you can do is figure out how fast you are losing water. Do this with a simple test involving just a few simple steps.

How to check how much water my pool is losing :

1. Place an empty bucket on the top step of your swimming pool

2. Fill a bucket in line with the same level as your swimming pool’s water level, use marker pen or tape to mark the water level inside the bucket

3. Turn off the filtration system or any automatic refill device that your pool might have

4. Wait 24 hours and then compare the pool water level inside the bucket, with the pool water level outside the bucket. It may take a few days to see a drop, so check in every 24 hours

Given that evaporation happens at the same rate, you would hope that the water levels are consistent with each other.

If the water level in the swimming pool dropped below the water level in the bucket then that would suggest that the swimming pool is leaking faster than it could possibly evaporate.

Following that, you can narrow your results even further by repeating the test with the pump and filtration system on.

If you suspect that your swimming pool has a leak, give us a call for further assistance. 0432 105 352


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