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Why is my pool pump making a noise

Could it be the pump bearings?

If your pool pump is sounding noisier than usual & quite loud, the problem is more than likely that your pool pump bearings have dried out and starting to seize up.

Why do the pump bearings seize up?

This can be caused by simply 'old age' or due to your motor overheating from 'running dry' or a mechanical seal failure. A mechanical seal failure will allow the salt water from the wet end of the motor to pass into the bearings casing which often results in corrosion.

If caught in time, before the bearings have seized completely and start spinning in the casing, they can generally be repaired. This will involve having to remove your pump and take it in to our mechanical workshop to have the repairs done.

This sort of repair can be costly as to get to the bearings the whole pump casing needs to be completely disassembled, all parts checked over thoroughly and replaced as needed.

Usually this sort of repair will include the replacement of the bearings,mechanical seals, seal plate body, O-ring seals,impeller & capacitor.

Although the repairs will come with a warranty, depending on the damage caused & age of the pump it's a good idea to really to weigh up the difference in cost between a new replacement with a new pool pump warranty vs a repair warranty.

Either way, if your pump is noisy and you're wondering what it could be, give us a call 0432 105 352


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