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Is it worth buying an automatic pool cleaner?

Like a vacuum cleaner, an pool cleaner sucks up debris from the floor to the skimmer box, where the skimmer basket traps the debris, but allows the water to continue filtering through.

Is it worth buying an automatic cleaner? – Well yes for some, and no for others.

Let us explain : It will largely depend on the shape and surface of your pool as well as what cleaner you are using. Check with your pool company if the automatic cleaner is suited to your type of swimming pool interior.

If care and consideration is taken into account (rather than just the price) it can really make the difference. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and “educated consumers are smart consumers”

Ask the rights questions and you’ll find that an automatic cleaner can change your life.

Common Issues with Automatic Pool cleaners

My automatic cleaner is very slow or stuck on one spot:

First, rule out the possibility of a blockage, both in the cleaner head, the hoses and the skimmer basket

If it your automatic cleaner continues to be slow and sluggish, it could be due to restricted flow. We suggest cleaning or backwashing your filter and clear out the baskets to maximise water flow.

My automatic cleaner only stays on one side of the pool:

First, check that your hose is long enough to reach all areas of your pool. The ideal hose length is ‘one hose length’ past the end of the pool

If the hose length is correct, it could be either that your corners are too tight, and the automatic cleaner is getting stuck or your hose may have holes or be sucking air at the joints.

If you need a solution to these please get contact us 0432 105 352 or your pool company.

My automatic cleaner is moving too fast :

This is a common issue and it’s always better for your cleaner to be going slowly, to avoid stirring up the debris as it does it’s job and to ensure the longevity of the automatic cleaner (as moving quickly will wear the soft plastics quickly)

Most automatic cleaners have speed controls, so it’s a good idea to have a play with this and set it correctly to suit your pool type.

If you need any other information, or looking for an idea on price and product, give Poolzone a call to discuss your options. 0432 105 352


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