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How to $ave Money when you own a swimming pool


Living with a swimming pool is simply awesome in our hot summer months. Family fun over the weekend and a quick dip after a hard days work.

At least 4 months of the year, i'm sure most will agree with me, that a swimming pool is worth every cent! Both a valuable asset and most certainly a feature I couldn't live without.

BUT WHAT ABOUT WINTER TIME? When your family isn't using the swimming pool, but yet your electricity bill is still high and your budget is still feeling the pinch. Maintenance of your pool is still mandatory to ensure anything less than a green swamp develops.

What can you do to cut the costs of maintaining your swimming pool during the winter months? Is 'winterising' a real thing? There are a few cost cutting ideas that can see you save a dollar over the winter months, when no-one is really using the pool.

1.) Cut your running times down. Be careful to get this right though, as a green pool will cost you more to rectify than to simply maintain your pool in the first place. Remember that your chlorinator can only produce chlorine from your salt whilst the system is on. Remember to check your salt levels

2.) If you cut your running times down, invest in a Floating chlorine dispenser, and throw a chlorine tablet into your pool each week. (This takes the edge off the shortened running times)

3.) If you are sure that you have a Sand filter, you can administer a little bit of algaecide. Though!** make sure you have a sand filter, as cartridge filters don't like algaecides with coagulants

4.) Ensure that you have sufficient stabilizer in the pool *remember to check this though, as too much stabilizer will lock your chlorine and render it ineffective.

5.) Cut back any trees and shrubs around the pool, as "green breeds green" so limiting the amount of leafage and debris in the pool will make your active chlorine more effective

Call us for further information, we can run an overall check on your system and prepare you for a slow winter. 0432 105 352


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