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My chlorine levels are good, but my pool is still green?

Pool water turns green because of algae in the water

There's a saying we love to use, "Green Breeds Green"

What this means, is that leafage left in the pool will turn a pool green faster, than if you had no leafage lying at the bottom of your pool.

It means that once it starts to turn green, it will turn greener faster and faster as the algae grows rapidly.

Filtration equipment, PH levels and surrounding trees and leafage play an important part in the maintenance of healthy water in your swimming pool.

As it's Chlorine that is your effective sanitiser to keep algae away, it makes sense to frequently be checking your chlorine levels to avoid an outbreak of algae. That said, chlorine is less effective if the PH isn't right, or if you have too much stabilizer in the pool

What causes chlorine levels to drop?

There are a multitude of reasons chlorine levels drop, but of course, as you can imagine, the more impurities in the water, like sunscreen, skin oils, dirt and grime, the more the chlorine is used (and depleted) to sanitise the water.

In addition to this, the sun is a big absorb-er of chlorine from our pools. We often refer to stabiliser as "sunblock" for your chlorine

My Chlorine levels are right, but my pool is still green

Beware of over stabilizing your chlorine. If you are continuously adding stabilized chlorine, or administering too much stabilizer, it can "LOCK" your chlorine, which will make your chlorine ineffective altogether.

So when your pool is green, and yet your chlorine levels look just right, perhaps its time to check your stabilizer levels.

For more information on correct chlorine levels and stabilizer levels give us a call.

0432 105 352 or make a booking here

Handy Tip :

Don't use a flocculant if you have a cartridge filter as the flocculant clogs up your cartridge filter, which potentially restricts water flow to your pump. This will not only cause you great frustration (as you will need to continuously be cleaning your filter), but can harm and damage your equipment. There are other solutions so give us a call if you need any help. M. 0432 105 352

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