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Maintaining Perfect Water Level

Your pool water level never stays the same and most of the time the cause is out of your control.

The most common cause of low water levels include:

  • Evaporation

  • Lots of use, jumping in and out (perhaps kids dive bombing)

  • Leaks

How full should my pool be?

Finding the perfect water level is a fairly easy process and should typically be 3/4 up the skimmer hatch opening. (The square hole in the pool wall)

The water must adequately cover the hole (your suction line) within the skimmer hatch opening, and if you have an automatic cleaner hose attached to the skimmer, always ensure that there is adequate water flowing over this connection too.

What if my pool level is too low?

If your pool water level drops below the skimmer hole and / or the hose connection you will most certainly run the risk of damaging your pool equipment.

How does my pool water level affect my pool equipment?

When the water level is too low and the filtration system is on it will suck air into the system . This is likely to cause cavitation in your swimming pool pump (Possibly even a pump burn out) and cause the system to run your chlorinator cell without water.

Whilst many of the newer pool pumps and salt water chlorinators have an automatic shutdown if they sense no water flow, there are still many brands that don't.

Running a pool pump dry, or a chlorinator without water will certainly cause your equipment problems and may even damage them beyond repair.

Can I over fill my pool?

We have all at some point seen our pool's overflowing during to heavy rains, or perhaps forgetting to pull out the hosepipe when topping up the pool. (guilty) Whilst there is no immediate damage to your pool when your pool water level is too high (unless it floods your equipment or pump house of course) having your water level above the skimmer hatch opening will reduce the skimmer's efficiency and stop the skimmer from skimming the debris off the surface of the water.

The Overfull will also impact your water chemical balance as there will be unnecessary dilution of the pool chemicals.

If you have any questions, or need a little help with your pool,

Give Poolzone a call today. 0432 105 352


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