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Pool Cleaners come in all styles & designs

Automatic Pool cleaners come in all sort of styles and designs. Inertia driver suction cleaners that clean in a random pattern. They will cover every inch of the pool, but as it's random, it may take a lot longer to clean your pool. They work well in swimming pools with curved walls and no sharp corners to randomly"bounce" around. Another type of pool cleaner model is the geared suction cleaner that moves in a pre-determined pattern and mapping that will clean your pool surface in a much quicker amount of time. They are more suitable for smaller pools as they can easily get into those tight corners and sharper edges and steps. Geared cleaners have more moving parts so may need a little more maintenance. A definite consideration when buying a pool cleaner is the ongoing maintenance and replacement of consumable parts. The cleaner diaphragm, in our opinion, is definitely the most replaced consumable part in an automatic cleaner. For more information on automatic pool cleaners or pool maintenance, give us a call today.

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