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Is your Pool Water Level too Low?

There's nothing like topping up your pool water level, just to find that you've forgotten the hose in the pool, it's now overflowing and it was the one job that you were asked to do before your Husband left for work that morning..... "Don't forget to turn the tap off"

Mmmm.... Maybe we should just get a tap timer.

Pool Water levels are important. With use and evaporation, water levels drop. If it drops below the skimmer opening, you run the risk of running the pump dry, damaging your equipment and costing yourself a fair bit of hard earned money. If you run it too high (above the skimmer opening), well, the skimmer can't skim the surface of the water, if the water level is above the skimmer opening.

Three Quarters up the skimmer opening is usually ideal. But don't forgot to monitor it every week.

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