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Water Level A Factor

Water level is a big factor in the functioning of your pool and equipment. The skimmer box is designed to sit at a particular height along the pool wall to ensure that the suction correctly skims the surface of the water. Thus, eradicating the flowing dirt and dust from the surface of the water. Not only do we need to ensure that your pool water level is not too low, which creates a problem of sucking air into your filtration system, but water level too high also poses an issue to the skimmer's ability to keep the pool clean. It is recommended that your pool water level sits at two thirds high on your skimmer box height, providing ample skimmer action and some leverage for evaporation.

With recent storm cell events, most swimming pools will have water levels far too high above the skimmer box. We suggest that you use this opportunity to backwash your filter system, thus emptying a bit of water at the same time as flushing and backwashing your filtration system to give it a good clean out.

Not to be forgotten, but excess water levels also dilute your chemicals. No chlorinator can produce sufficient chlorine with insufficient salt levels. Keep an eye on your chlorinator's dials, as they should, in theory, indicate your pool's salt levels. Salt and other balancing chemicals may need to be administered after backwashing and draining excess water from your pool.

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