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Should I remove Phosphates from my Pool?

What are phosphates ?

Phosphates are mostly an organic material that has the potential to feed and encourage algae growth in your swimming pool. It can also cause your pool water to go cloudy.

Whilst in many cases, you wont need to deal with phosphates for a long period of time, once phosphates build up, it can often cause your pool to turn green and cloudy and can be difficult to clear without understanding the full cause.

Lets first begin with the fact that Algae needs Sun, water, air and a food source to flourish. Algae's food source is nitrates and phosphates. It therefore stands to reason, that if your pool has a high phosphate content, your algae has food, and your pool will most likely turn green with an algae bloom.

Many people will administer chlorine to clear up a green pool, however phosphates tend to weaken the effects of chlorine, so without testing for high phosphate levels you could be treating only half the problem.

Should I remove phosphates from my pool

Whilst a low level of phosphates may not cause you any problems, once the levels become too high your chlorine may not be able to cope with the algae bloom and as "green breeds green" this is when your pool can go cloudy, green and become an "algae pond". Most importantly, Test your Phosphate levels.

How do you remove phosphates from your pool?

To rid phosphates you will need to use a chemical. (Sometimes called a phosphate starver) Most phosphate removers use Lanthanum, a rare earth metal that binds and removes phosphates. This chemical will not kill the algae though and only removes the phosphates so its important to also administer chlorine and / or algaecides to kill off the algae at the same time. Beware though, as algaecides contain a coagulant, which is not suitable for cartridge filters.

Handy Tip

How to avoid phosphates in your pool?

Keep organic materials such as leaves and yard waste away from the swimming pool

Avoid run off into your swimming pool

Brushing the walls and steps and maintaining your pool regularly will help

Don't let the ducks swim in your pool (Whilst Ducks are cute... Their faeces is high in phosphates)

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