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Is Your Swimming Pool Over Full?

Whilst we all love the rain, waking up to an overflowing swimming pool can create some amount of anxiety in most pool owners.

Unlike a swimming pool where the water level is too low

which may result in damage to your equipment if the filtration equipment "runs dry" an over full swimming pool poses less risk to the longevity of your pool equipment and shouldn't cause you too much grief, so don't stress too much.

If your pool IS overflowing, and perhaps causing damage to the surrounds of your pool or flooding your lawn or pump house with pool water that's a totally different story.... Draining your pool a little is a good idea.

BE CAREFUL not to forget your pool on backwash to waste, or you'll be sorry when you have emptied too much water, which can cause problems to your equipment

How to drain an overfull pool if you have a sand filter?

- Turn the pump off

- Turn the Multiport Valve (at the top of your sand filter) to the marker 'WASTE'

- Turn the pump back on

This will drain your pool water out to waste. It will bypass your sand filter altogether, and will not reticulate back into the pool. Keep an eye on it, as it doesn't take take long to drain!

- Once your water level has drained to your preferred level (half to 3/4 up the skimmer opening) Turn the pump off

- Turn the Multiport Valve back to the marker 'FILTER'

- Turn the pump back onto automatic timer mode


Rain dilutes your pool chemicals. Whether your pool has overflowed, or simply been drained (backwashed to waste) your chemical levels will have been diluted.

Contact us, or your pool guy, (or take a water sample into your nearest pool shop to rectify your chemical balance)

If you need any further assistance, contact Poolzone on 0432 105 352


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