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Why do my eyes hurt in the pool?

Why do my eyes hurt?

Heavy rains and increased use will reduce the sanitization efficiencies in your pool water. Contaminants such as sunblock, oil, hair sprays, deodorants, cosmetics etc react with chlorine and break down the chlorine concentration. Contrary to common belief, it is not actually the chlorine that hurt people’s eyes but the contaminants in the pool water that does it.

Chlorine strips away the tear film that protects your cornea, which makes your eyes vulnerable to the dirt and bacteria floating around that wasn't eliminated by the chlorinated water.

How often should I be checking my pool water?

For most pools it’s recommended that you check the pool water chemistry once a week. Whilst it’s good practice to check your water chemistry as often as possible, it’s more important during the summer months when there is increased activity in the pool, and sunlight levels are higher.

Why is checking pool water chemistry important?

Checking your water chemistry is not only important to ensure adequate chlorine levels and therefore a stronger barrier against bacteria and diseases, but also to ensure the longevity of your pool filtration equipment. A highly acidic or alkaline balance can corrode or damage your pool filtration equipment and pool

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