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Phosphates and Green Pools

It's amusing how pool shops manage to test the client's water, punch in a few numbers and spit out a full detailed report on required chemicals to fix up a green pool WITHOUT EVER HAVING SET FOOT AT THE PROPERTY

"it needs 6 bags of salt, 2 kg's of buffer, algaecide, acid and a tonne of photophate remover..."


The full report reflects that it's a 50,000 litre pool, with a painted interior and a sand filter.

Not True !

Most likely, the unsuspecting client has walked in and guessed a couple of answers without understanding the full impact of how these answers may affect their wallet size. "i have no idea on the size of the pool (I barely know what 6 inches is) so perhaps we'll just run with the standard 50,000 litre pool."

Low and behold, the pool shop never corrects this information, yet is happy to advise the client "exactly" what the pool will need to rectify the water chemistry.

Did you know that :

* Putting the equivalent of 6% salt into a 4% chlorinator could damage your chlorinator

* A 50,000 litre pool really isn't necessarily a standard size pool

* Cartridge filters hate coagulants

* Sand filters should be plumbed to sewer.

* Chemicals will differ from a tiled pool, to a concrete or painted pool interior

The bottom line is that, if you think you've got an issue with your pool, pay the pool man to visit your pool. Even if it's only once! Let him or her understand the surrounding leafage, amount of sunlight the pool gets, the actual equipment and of course, the size and literage of the pool. Ask your pool man for a report on this for future pool shop visits if you want, but knowing the facts can not only save you ON chemical bills, but can spare you chlorine eyes, pool substrate damage and regular equipment replacements.

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