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A Little bit of cold

As we head into the winter months, neglecting your pool can cost you more in the long run.

Many people figure that if they're not using the pool, why should they worry too much about the water chemistry and substrates.

Lets start with Black Algae. Black alagae has a very deep root system that can grow into the plaster and concrete substrates of your pool. It can attack the grout lines of even the most beautifully tiled swimming pool, creating an unsightly corner of a stained and unappealing black zone. The largest issue with Black Spot Algae is the difficulty in ridding it. Black Spot Algae has an extensive root system that grows deep into your concrete substrate, making if difficult to kill because it's layers protect itself from chlorine and chlorine treatments. To get rid of black spot algae, you need to be aggressive with the treatment and combine both the chlorine treatment and aggressive brushing to break apart the algae and allow the treatment to get in as deep as possible. Repeat treatment is required.

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